Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory is under the program of Fisheries and Product Technology, Water Resource Management Department of the Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty, Universitas Brawijaya. This day, the head of Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory for period 2013/2014 is Dr.Ir Dwi Setijawati, M.Kes.

Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory has some facilities such as analysis tools and supporting tools. The analysis tools which owned by Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory are oven, goldfisch, soxhlet, desikator, kjedahl, muffle, pH-meter, rotary vakum evaporator dan spektrofotometer UV-Vis. Whereas the supporting tools are analytical scales, digital scales, refrigerator, freezer, distilled water distillation , fume hoods, centrifuges, water bath, scales, hotplate, sealer, vacuum machines, incubators and electric stove.

The competence of Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory for practicum, lecturers or S1, S2, S3 students research activity as well as community service is the fishery products processing and fishery products quality testing of physical, chemical and organoleptic. Fishery products processing which has been done by Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory are salted fish, fish chips, fish jerky meat, fish crackers, chitosan, gelatin, fish meal, shredded fish, seaweed, seaweed candy jelly, cocktails, seaweed porridge (dodol), seaweed dry / wet candy, seaweed jelly, fish crackers, dry pindang, fish balls, fish nuggets, anti-oxidants and microencapsulation. While the quality testing chemically which has been done by Fisheries and Product Technology are water content, ash content, fat content, protein content, total volatile base / tri methyl amine (TVB / TMA), saponification number, peroxide value, Free Fatty Acids, salinity, crude fiber, anti-oxidants test, phytochemical test, test chlorine , formalin test and test detergent.

The lab course which is given to support the learning activity on period 2012/2013 is a nutrition practicum, sensoric analysis, refrigeration engineering, food chemistry, packaging techniques, biochemical fish, fishery management, toxicology and hygiene, technology and fish post harvest physiology, ikani nutrition, methods of analysis and laboratory management, fish waste techniques, marine biology, microbiology marine and aquatic animal physiology.

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