Head of Fisheries and Product Technology Laboratory

a. Plan the activities of education, research and community service in the laboratory

b. Provide services for academicians to conduct scientific development

c. Develop operational plans and laboratories development

d. Coordinate all academic activities carried out in the laboratory

e. Provide guidance to laboratory members

f. Collaborate with external parties in order to empower the laboratory

g. Monitoring and evaluate the availability of laboratory infrastructure and activities

h. Report the activities at least every semester to the Dean

i. Coordinate with the lecturers of interest related to the development of science and learning process

j. Responsible for the use of laboratory facilities


Laboratory Regulations

Ø Serve S1, S2, and S3 practicum students

Ø Serve research acticity for S1, S2, S3 students and lecturers

Ø Collect laboratory equipment data

Ø Collect the availability of chemicals data

Ø Perform laboratory equipment maintenance

Ø Help prepare SOP laboratory equipment

Ø Perform the sample test

Ø Recap the laboratory using

Ø Declare free laboratory dependents

Ø Responsible for the cleanliness and safety of laboratory facilities

Ø Carry out other duties as mandated by the head of the laboratory

Ø Responsible for the head of the laboratory


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