To be an excellent laboratory in the field of education, research and community service.


Conduct the development and dissemination of science and technology.

Improve the capacity and quality of professionals and behave researchers (HR).


Facilitating the process and practical implementation and research activities for researchers in S1 (undergraduate degree), S2 (postgraduate degree) and S3(master degree).

Developing science and technology in the field of fisheries and marine science in particular and other related fields of life sciences, basic sciences and health.

Service Edict:

Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty Provides Fast, Precise, Accommodating and Excellent Services.

Fisheries and Marine Sciences Faculty states that the services are in accordance with Universitas Brawijaya  services, which are: Hereby, we declare to be able to carry out the service based on the established service standards and if we not fulfill this promise, we are ready to receive an appropriate sanction based on the applicable legislation .


“Together Towards Glory”

With this motto, it is expected that all the academicians and educators in FPIK UB are more motivated to implement the vision, mission, goals and objectives.


  1. Facilitate the practicum activity and process also research activity either for researchers or S1, S2, S3 students.
  2. Develop Science and Technology (IPTEK) especially in the field of fisheries and marine sciences and another fields which are related to biological sciences, basic sciences and health.

-Memfasilitasi proses dan kegiatan pelaksanaan praktikum dan penelitian bagi para peneliti baik S1, S2 dan S3
-Mengembangkan IPTEK dalam bidang perikanan dan ilmu kelautan khususnya dan bidang lain yang terkait ilmu-ilmu hayati, ilmu-ilmu dasar dan kesehatan.

-Pelayanan yang terbaik adalah kunci kepuasan pengguna laboratorium.

-Selalu berusaha memberikan pelayanan yang terbaik bagi pengguna laboratorium.


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